Drug Test Facts About Pre-Employment Drug Screening

Having a drug test conducted is a part of the whole screening process for a prospective employee. Most employers don”t have a policy against drug use, so they end up conducting pre-employment drug screening procedures. What are the 10 drug screen facts about a pre-employment drug screening?All of the news isn’t bullish as Massachusetts closed recreational cannabis stores, Nevada stores are seeing declining sales due to a lack of tourists and Leaf Expert Growth closed 23 stores in Canada.

There are two types of drug tests that an employer may choose to use in its pre-employment process. The first is the 10 panel drug test. This test requires a person to provide a sample of their blood for analysis by a laboratory. The sample is drawn into a vial and the results are then collected at the facility.

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Another type of pre-employment drug screening process that an employer may choose to use involves the use of the urine drug test. This drug screening procedure involves having a person submit to a urinalysis or alcohol breathalyzer test. As opposed to the blood test, which is designed to detect the presence of blood-based drugs, the urine drug test is designed to detect the presence of illicit drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine.

When it comes to drug test facts, employers also have the option of using a quick scan that requires the use of a fingerstick.You can find more information in this study This system will only require the presence of drugs in the body to identify the person. It does not require the use of a blood sample. It is not an invasive procedure, so it doesn”t take very long to complete.

The difference between the urine drug test and the fingerstick type of pre-employment drug screening is the process in which the results are generated. With the urine testing procedure, the results will be provided in about three days. A sample of the subject”s blood will also be drawn, which will typically take more than a week to produce results.

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In addition to the two types of pre-employment drug screening that an employer can employ, there are also other drug screening methods that are available to them. These include the hair drug test, voice recognition drug testing, and blood tests for heart and kidney disease. No matter what method of drug screening an employer chooses to use, they must have a policy that outlines the rights of the person to a fair and effective drug screening process.

One thing that each employer should have is a written policy that outlines the rights of the person and the responsibilities of the employer when it comes to pre-employment drug screening. This is the one document that sets the policy and the expectations for the person doing the screening. If an employer abides by this policy, they should be assured that they will be able to cover all bases.

These are some of the drug test facts that you should know about pre-employment drug screening. By knowing them, you can be sure that your pre-employment drug screening procedure will meet your legal requirements and be fair to all parties involved.

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