What We Do

We help firms of all sizes identify new clients by examining their digital footprints.

Looking for ways to increase lead volume?


Will conversion rates improve over time?


Isn’t there a better way to measure MROI?


Services We Provide

  • Integrate Data

    Integrate online and offline data to drive marketing, media and sales efforts

  • Look-a-Like Models

    Create look-a-like models using social media, sales and NAICs data (for B2B)

  • Geo-Targeting

    Implement geo-targeting to maximize marketing efficiency and impact

  • New Data Sources

    Find new data sources and tracking mechanisms to improve campaign targeting and enable campaign optimization

  • Design Dashboards

    Design and deliver dashboards to inform marketing management of what’s working

  • Select Technology

    Select and implement marketing technology, tools and platforms that are right for your company.

  • Train Teams

    Train analytic teams to tease insights and learning from past campaigns and thus turbo-charge future marketing and sales activities

  • Build Data Warehouses

    Build data warehouses which integrate marketing, sales and research activities to empower marketing management

Results for Our Clients

We’ve helped our clients to spend their customer acquisition dollars in a more efficient manner.

Deep knowledge of data and data strategy, combined with a very personable style, [Gregg] is deeply committed to getting at critical insights to drive the business forward.

Sean Remler
Portfolio Lead
Accenture Interactive

Josh’s programs generated millions of prospects that were not only converted in to short-term business, but into ongoing relationships, both with consumers and the gate-keepers. The results were well beyond expectations.

James Roxbury
VP, Client Services
Evok Advertising

Lock led a major marketing and client acquisition initiative at Spencer Trask, which I view as the most productive in more than a decade.

Bill Clifford
Spencer Trask & Co.

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